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digitization has advantages

We live BIM or Building Information Modeling by virtually constructing every fireplace or storage  heating stove already in the offer phase on an industrial 3D software. For the installation of a fireplace in a condominium or condominium, or single-family house without an existing exhaust system, some points need to be considered. We are happy to support you with this administration.

In close cooperation with the local fire police, today often engineering offices, we plan your fireplace or storage heating stove. Our guidelines are the fire protection guidelines of the VKF and the building insurance companies, as well as the state of the art paper (STP) of Feusuisse. The regulations change continuously due to technical innovations of the manufacturers. We always keep up to date by attending the advanced training courses. We find that BIM brings more advantages than disadvantages into the planning and construction process. This is because all decisions have to be made in the planning phase. What fits together in 3D also fits together in construction.

Our offer:
  • feasibility studies
  • 3D models, data output in SAT / STP / STL
  • planning supports
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