Chimney system and combustion air

Combustion air duct and chimney system

Every combustion, whether wood, gas or ethanol, requires oxygen and produces exhaust gases. For every type of furnace, a pipe for the combustion air (supply air / fresh air) and an chimney system are therefore an absolute must. The FeuerWerkstatt carries out this work 100 % cleanly and professionally.

Combustion air ducts must be insulated, passive houses or plus energy houses also require a tight shut-off damper on the façade.  If a furnace is not located on an external wall and there is no possibility of vertical ducting above the roof, the duct must be inserted into the concrete ceiling. This takes place at a precisely defined point in time, immediately after the reinforcement work. The actual chimney assembly then takes place directly after completion of the shell. Therefore: Involve us at an early stage when building a new chimney!

Our offer:
  • chimney system
  • Combustion air duct (supply air)
  • Over exterior wall, roof or concrete ceiling
  • New construction or renovation
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Our references

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Langnau am Albis, ZH, Switzerland

Listed building conversion.

  • Chimney shaft made to measure
  • Shaft with integrated gas fireplace T120 and wood fireplace T400
  • Bulkhead between the fireplaces EI 90
  • T400 fireplace for the storage stove
  • T120 Fireplace as LAS for the gas boiler
  • Shaft made of silicate fiber boards

Oberglatt, ZH, Switzerland

During the construction phase it was decided to install fireplaces after all

  • Chimney shaft made to measure
  • 90° rotation
  • T400 Chimney
  • Shaft made of silicate fibre boards

Kyburg, ZH, Switzerland

Situation: New building

  • Good visible underarming
  • Good visible other inserts
  • Combustion air duct in black

from facade to stove position

  • Tight lockable electric facade flap