Control and emergency stop

This way the fire always burns optimally and in a controlled manner.

Whether fireplace, masonry heater or whole house heating: In order for a wood combustion system to work optimally, the amount of air supplied must always correspond to the combustion stage of the fuel. Otherwise the wood does not burn completely, emissions such as carbon monoxide and particulate matter are produced and the stove or fireplace becomes sooty.

Since the air requirement changes continuously during the burning process, optimal control by hand is often difficult or even impossible. Brunner's EAS electronic combustion control system provides an uncomplicated remedy here: it dynamically regulates the supply of combustion air. In addition, it detects unsuitable - for example, too moist - firewood and reacts with a warning. The control system also provides important feedback that can be used to improve personal usage behavior and the energy efficiency of a wood combustion system.

Another important function is the vacuum safety switch USA. It can even save lives. This is because extractor hoods and ventilation systems such as those for the toilet and bathroom or tumble dryers can generate negative pressure in a building, which means that smoke is no longer completely extracted. In this case, the USA immediately switches off all ventilation systems, allowing the smoke to escape through the chimney again and preventing the room air from being poisoned.

Get the most out of your stove with the EAS electronic control system, save firewood, protect the environment and ensure safety! The installation of an EAS combustion control system and a vacuum safety switch USA is uncomplicated and can also be retrofitted. We will be happy to advise you on the subject of control systems as well as on the equally important components of the chimney system and combustion air.

The advantages of the electronic control system EAS at a glance:
  • Profitability thanks to fuel savings
  • Less emissions
  • For all types of fireplaces and masonry heaters
  • Foolproof operation (self-explanatory information and control unit)

The advantages of the vacuum safety switch USA at a glance:
  • Permanent control of room and chimney negative pressure
  • In case of critical negative pressure in the room, immediately switch off all air-suction systems
  • When the normal pressure is reached again, the USA switches the switched off plants on again
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