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What could be nicer than drinking a glass of wine or reading a book in front of a fireplace? It is usually built with a sliding glass pane puller for energy reasons or better air hygiene. The trend is towards open fireplaces with special measures and a filigree rib-mesh metal curtain that can be pushed up to protect against sparks. The storage cheminée is mainly used in modern buildings; it can store the resulting heat to a certain degree.

There are virtually no limits to the imagination when designing a fireplace. Whether classically with front fire or as a room divider with a panoramic view of the fire, let yourself be surprised by the variety of design possibilities and materials. A fireplace always fits!

Our offers:

  • Fireplaces for wood, gas, ethanol or steam
  • "Classic" fireplace with rib-mesh metal spark protection
  • "Classic" fireplace with glass pane puller
  • Storage cheminées with commercially available heating inserts
  • Sealed heating inserts with locking options for Minergie, Passive and Plus-energy houses
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Our references

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Ermatingen, TG, Switzerland

  • Listed conversion and modern extension
  • Custom-made, front 120cm, depth 40cm, height 60cm
  • Windshield pull fully retractable
  • Black metal fireplace
  • Nero Assoluto cladding, mitred edges glued
  • Invisible flap controls

Ermatingen, TG, Switzerland

  • Modern new building directly at the lake.
  • Custom-made, front 60cm, sides L+ R each 40cm
  • Pane pull, frameless and fully extendable
  • Black metal fireplace
  • Visso Montenegro cladding, mitred edges glued
  • Invisible flap controls

Interlaken, BE, Switzerland

  • Minergie P Youth Hostel building
  • Spartherm Arte 3RL 100 h standard unit
  • Crude steel cladding 8mm with factory stamp
  • Joints 2mm visible
  • Invisible flap controls
  • Chimney Schiedel Absolut

Elgg, ZH, Switzerland

  • Villa Conversion
  • Rüegg Pi Classic standard unit
  • Chrome steel cladding horizontally brushed
  • Shadow joints on ceiling and side
  • Bench large-format porcelain stoneware tile
  • Bank heated with hot air

Altikon, ZH, Switzerland

  • New building EFH
  • Spezialanfertigung, 3.5m fireplace in crude steel
  • Two-part pane puller, completely retractable
  • Invisible flap operation

Bülach, ZH, Switzerland

  • Standard unit Rüegg 180° round
  • Bench, apron, chimney connection in crude steel
  • Bench with corresponding depth for fire protection
  • Bricked bench base
  • Bricked rear wall connection
  • Built as radiation fireplace

Tagelswangen ZH, Switzerland 

  • Standard equipment Rüegg Atrium 360°
  • Round two-piece apron cover made of crude steel
  • Square bench cover made of crude steel with integrated niches
  • Fitze chimney fan
  • Chimney 300mm with silencer
  • 700cm2 combustion air supply

Kollbrunn ZH, Switzerland

  • Terraces Apartment Conversion
  • Serial equipment Rüegg Front with gold decor
  • Natural stone style enclosure
  • Warm air fireplace