Whole house heating

CO2-neutral heating

Would you like to heat your house sustainably? Do you prefer an independent lifestyle? Then a complete house heating would be the right thing for you. It can also be adapted to existing systems in such a way that your house is optimally heated and supplied with hot water.

We know the complex interplay of water-bearing storage heaters, other heat generators (e.g. oil heating, heat pumps or solar thermal systems), heat storage and distribution. Today's stove technology allows mixed firing: logs and pellets in the same combustion chamber. We will be happy to advise you on what is suitable for you!

Our offer: 
  • Development of technical concept
  • Design development
  • Delivery and installation of all technology including buffer tanks and heat generators
  • Construction of the storage heating stove
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Our references

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  • Tile - storage heating stove
  • Dual combustion chamber with boiler technology
  • Fuel lump wood / pellet
  • The upper opening serves to clean the tubular boiler.
  • Manufacturer: und
  • Pellet storage room with discharge technology
  • Partner Discharge technology
  • Black rubber mat as impact protection when blowing in the pellet
  • Red Mole for discharging the pellets by means of suction air pump