Chimney Sweep / Relocation

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Combustion systems must be cleaned periodically by a chimney sweep. In the case of gas firing systems, periodic inspection is sufficient; cleaning is only carried out when necessary. This is what the cantonal building insurances require.

We control and clean fireplaces, storage heating stoves, wood stoves, fireplace stoves and exhaust systems. The cantonal building insurances require periodic cleaning because, on the one hand, damage can be detected during cleaning and, on the other hand, the efficiency of the firing systems is ensured. As stove builders, we know the design of the stoves and are therefore able to clean them and carry out repairs immediately if necessary. 

Our offer:
  • Cleaning of stoves and fireplaces when changing tenants
  • Periodic cleaning

For relocation I offer the chimney sweep work for your fireplace or stove, for Fr. 180.00. Included:

  • Cleaning of exhaust system
  • Brushing out firing system
  • Suck out the furnace and ash box.
  • Cleaning of the glass
  • Lubrication of the spark curtain
Our repair service:
  • Making fireplace slices passable
  • Change glasses
  • Fireplace - Glazings
  • Replace seals
  • Replace fireclay, grates and ash boxes
  • Replace baffle plates
  • Change torn hauling ropes
  • Change deflection pulleys
  • Change fans
  • Paint oven
  • Exchange old soot doors for gas-tight soot doors
  • Replace combustion chamber floors
  • Cosmetic

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