FeuerWerkstatt: Your experienced stove builder

Philipp Tinner: More than 25 years of experience

I am Philipp Tinner, owner and managing director of FeuerWerkstatt. I completed my training as a “Hafner” - the traditional german expression for the profession of the stove builder - in 1996. And since then I have been practicing my profession with great passion. Constant further training is a matter of course for me: I completed commercial school and training as a technical business administrator, and I have continued my education in the fields of Minergie/Passive House, fire protection and occupational safety. I am currently training to become an energy consultant with a federal certificate of competence and I can now offer you new competent services relating to the building energy certificate of the cantons (GEAK) and the model regulations of the cantons in the energy sector (MuKEn).

My network

For the professional execution I work together with Swiss partner companies if required - of course only with skilled stove builders. The profession of the „Hafner“ has a long tradition, which I cherish. Thanks to personal contacts to manufacturers I can also guarantee you the best quality and an excellent price/performance ratio.

The history of the FeuerWerkstatt

The forerunner of FeuerWerkstatt was TSR FeuerWerkstatt GmbH, based in Lindau/Winterberg, Zurich: I founded this company at the beginning of 2010 together with a business economist. As an operational partner, I realized sales totaling 2.3 million Swiss francs during the five-year start-up phase, the business was excellent – not least thanks to the energetic part-time work of my father, an experienced craftsman all-rounder, after his retirement.

Monetary calculations by my partner finally led to the separation of our business relationship and the liquidation of TSR FeuerWerkstatt GmbH. An amicable, future-oriented solution was rejected for tax reasons. The entry "In Liquidation" in HR was made in December 2015. Fortunately, I protected the brand name "FeuerWerkstatt" early on and secured the inventory with the help of a lawyer. 

The years 2016 and 2017 were marked by professional and personal reorientation. In mid-2018 I was able to buy back the website This was my heart's decision to create my own livelihood again. So the FeuerWerkstatt was born "like a phoenix from the ashes".

Successful creation

My entrepreneurial ability is demonstrated by a steady doubling of sales since 2018, with high profitability for future innovations and investments. Since 2019, I have been a member of the American Masonry Heater Association (MHA), where I have the annual opportunity to exchange ideas with stove builders from many different nations worldwide, including European ones. The jury of the Masonry Heater Association of North America awarded me a design prize for my work. I have been a member of IG Lehm since 2020, and two new business units are being created: and


The procedure: From the first conversation to the first fire

1. Consultation

In our non-binding consultation we clarify your needs and the situation on site. 

I already sketch the first ideas for you and show you the possibilities according to your wishes and your budget. 

I take measurements on site and work, if available, with your floor plan.

2. Conception

I work out design proposals for you and make an offer. CAD drafts will be delivered to you.

We discuss my proposals together and select the most suitable design proposal for you.

I revise the drafts until the final project.

3. Planning & Implementation

Project, timing and detail plans are finalized.

I make orders and do the preliminary work in the workshop. 

Your new fireplace will be installed professionally and on time. We will fire your stove together for the first time and look forward to it!