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We are Building Values

Building Value

These two words describe our passion: we create long-term values ​​in the form of high-quality fireplaces and stoves with much passion, innovation and creativity.

Water-bearing stoves for heating entire buildings are our greatest passion. Modern building technology has reduced energy consumption to such an extent that a storage stove heater is
extremely convenient to use.

As stove builders, we are skilled generalists and have cross-sector knowledge in building construction. We not only provide a unique atmosphere with our fireplaces and stoves, we also heat your home. Fire is warmth!

Heat has to be used sensibly to make you happy and not frustrate. We are experts when it comes to fire and heat and provide the right amount of heat.

"Building Information Modeling" makes the construction industry more efficient, we consistently plan in 3D.



- Activation therapist HF
- Retail trade specialist
- Commercial merchant
- Mother of two adult children



Managing Director (unsalaried)

- Stove builder EFZ
- Since 1993 in the industry
- Commercial merchant
- Technical Merchant
- Passive house course / Minergie courses
- Father of two children



Fireplaces, Repairs and Building Maintenance

Fireplace - combustion air

All stoves and fireplaces also cellar heaters require an infrastructure consisting of an exhaust pipe and a combustion air supply.

For your firing we offer you the right fireplace in the right shaft or on the facade.

We also ensure that their firing gets the right amount of combustion air in the floor, on the basement ceiling or sucked as LAS over roof.

Repairs - Fireplaces

Wood, pellet, gas, ethanol and electric fire.

We carry out all kinds of repairs: replace glasses, replace gaskets, remove tile stoves, replace stove floors, install doors, replace radiators, partial renewal of old stoves, relocation of old stoves, glazing of fireplaces.

We build every kind of new fireplace: grates, storage ovens, water-bearing chimneys and stoves, stoves, small storage heaters.

Building Maintenance

We renovate existing buildings, single-family homes or smaller apartment buildings. Our 25 years of experience in the construction industry has brought us a cross-industry knowledge.

Our network consists of various craft and planning companies, which support us with expertise and / or personnel.

We are especially interested in buildings, which are to be renovated in stages.


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